Welcome to the Bizarre Magic Dealer Alliance (BMDA)

‘The BMDA is a voluntary initiative run by dealers for the benefit of customers. It exists to provide reassurance to those wanting to engage with or purchase from bizarre magic dealers online.’

For many bizarrists, mentalists, mystery performers, hobbyists and collectors, there has been and continues to be an issue of trust when it comes to dealers and creators – particularly those who sell online. This is especially true where no previous relationship exists. Whilst unfortunate, this is completely understandable and a consequence of the events of recent years. With this in mind and, in the spirit of ‘magicians helping magicians’ (remember that?), a few of us had an idea to try and address the situation. Enter stage left the Bizarre Magic Dealer Alliance (BMDA). 

Firstly, we should point out that this is not about a select few trying to promote their businesses. It’s a genuine desire of wanting to help and support individuals and promote best practice in what some have described as the ‘Wild West’ of magic retail. Hopefully, if we can help to rebuild some trust and get back to business as (un)usual, job done.

Whilst we can’t right the wrongs of the past (we wish we could), what we can do is provide a bit of reassurance and guidance for the future. This is especially relevant to those new to the world of bizarre and considering entering the realms of the otherworldly for the first time.

It may even help our craft become more sustainable and grow it in the long term, which would be a bonus!

So what is the BMDA?

You may well ask. The BMDA is a voluntary initiative run by dealers for the benefit of customers. It exists to provide reassurance to those wanting to engage with or purchase from bizarre magic dealers online. By purchasing from a dealer displaying the BMDA Hamsa logo opposite (or below if on mobile), the hope is that customers may do so in confidence. The BMDA logo is a trust mark. Its presence signifies excellence in terms of customer service and professionalism, which it’s hoped should alleviate doubt in the minds of customers and potential customers.

For those wishing to become BMDA members there are a few basic rules (aren’t there always). To display the logo all BMDA member websites must meet the following minimum standards:

  1. Offer a direct line of communication via email or telephone
  2. Display clear terms & conditions of sale
  3. Display clear address/contact details
  4. Display a clear returns policy
  5. Abide by GDPR regulations (EU members only at present)
  6. Act in a professional and courteous manner at all times

Preferable but not mandatory:

  1. Clearly display if an item is in stock or not
  2. If taking pre-orders or back-orders, clearly indicate what the lead time for the point of purchase is

This is a voluntary initiative and the hope is that it will raise standards of customer service in both ours and perhaps the wider magic community. Most importantly it will go some way to reassure potential customers that BMDA members are hard at work, running legitimate businesses, professionally and with integrity and that customers’ best interests are their priority.

What it's not

An exclusive club. Any dealer can become a BMDA member and display the logo. All we ask is that you meet the minimum requirements above. It’s not exclusive – it’s just good business and puts customers first.

An absolute guarantee. The unscrupulous will always find a way to deceive people, however by following a few simple rules, both buyers and dealers should find it easier to make judgements about who to trust (yes it works both ways).

A product guarantee. The BMDA is a trust mark within our community; it’s not about products or product guarantees. Many dealers sell products from multiple sources so always check guarantees/warranties with dealers first if you have any concerns.

An arbitrator. If you have concerns about a BMDA member or dispute speak to the dealer in question. They are professionals and should be able to resolve any issue satisfactorily. We will not enter into any disputes ourselves. We will however remove members from the list and request they remove the BMDA logo if we are notified that they continuously fall short of the minimum requirements.

Buying from dealers - useful info

Just a few final thoughts about buying from dealers. First, check to see if they are a BMDA member and display the Hamza logo. If they do, great! If not you may need to do a bit more research. Ask yourself the following:

  • Does the site look professionally designed and built?
  • Do they have up-to-date contact details?
  • How responsive are they to answering your questions?
  • Do they display their brick-and-mortar address?
  • Do they have any policies designed to protect you as a consumer?
  • Do they show stock levels?
  • When was the site last updated?

If you can’t answer yes to the questions opposite that should tell you everything you need to know. It’s not rocket science!

How to become a member

If you’re a dealer, can meet the minimum requirements outlined above and would like to become a BMDA member please contact the administrator.

Current members list

Dark Artefacts (Nick Birch)

Lebanon Circle Magic (Dan Baines)

Gemini Artefacts (Vic Nadata)

Blind Eye Magi (John Gilmore)

Mystery Entertainer Products (Steve Drury)

Spiritus Dictum Artifacts (Pete McMillan)

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Joined August 2019

BMDA Member
Joined August 2019

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Joined September 2020

The small print

Disclaimer: By entering into a contract with a member displaying the BMDA logo you do so entirely at your own risk. The BMDA is a voluntary initiative that relies on the trust, honesty and integrity of members and as such BMDA itself accept no responsibility whatsoever for any loss of monies, goods or services.

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